Brooke Lynne feat. Conan – “Most Wanted” | @MissBrooke2U @conan42fly


YNVS’ first lady, Brooke Lynne releases another fire joint, “Most Wanted,” alongside the Energy God and labelmate, Conan.

She is no stranger to music and the arts as her mother was a singer and her father handled the business side of the music industry managing artists. Brooke Lynne’s very own uncle is a well-known gospel singer named Jason Hendrickson. Being in the studio with her mother and father allowed her the time growing up and with her studies in classical, opera and jazz music would make Brooke Lynne a triple threat female lyricist who writes, sings and raps.

On, “Most Wanted” Brooke Lynne lets the industry know why she is most wanted and the work she put in to be that way. Motivation is the keyword for this single.

With her music, you can hear her clear cut sound and style that catapults her into the category of top female artists. Keeping her originality and being herself is what makes everyone embrace her. Check out “Most Wanted” below.

@MissBrooke2U | @conan42fly

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