Brandi Kane – “Shots Fired” | @BRANDIIKANE


Emcee/Songwriter Brandi Kane is a native of the Crenshaw District in South Central, Los Angeles. The Granddaughter of a strict Pentecostal preacher and daughter of a hustler began her career in hip hop cyphering in the halls of Westchester High school. Although cut from the purist cloth, her style remains versatile. Throughout her career, she has constantly attracted the attention of not only the streets, but from many well known industry leaders, as well. Her slick clever wordplay and vivid storytelling ability allows her to reach wide audiences ranging in age race and gender. Brandi Kane still on a constant grind to become a household name. One which has earned her the respect of her peers in the music business. West Coast emcees Problem and Nipsey Hussle both credit Brandi Kane as an one of their lyrical influences.

As a talented writer as well, Brandi Kane has written for superstar K-pop group Tiara N-4 and collaborated with Kelly Rowland and legendary artists like, R. Kelly and The Isley Brothers. In addition to Hip Hop recordings and features, Brandi Kane has also keeps busy with commercials and voice over work for President Obama’s election campaigns as well as on jingles for the Coca Cola corporation, Target and Carl’s Jr to name a few.

Although experienced in her craft, Brandi Kane still hungers for more and is determined to become a part of the mainstream global music, and she proves it with her single “Shots Fired”, a track that unleashes her frustration as she talks about various topics from Sandra Bland, the Orlando shooting, and other senseless killings that have happened to date. This touching, yet inspirational track speaks volumes and sheds light on many things that are happening in our world today.


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