Biz Markie Documentary – Nobody Beats The Biz; A Docu-Series Inspired by Fans of Biz Markie (Trailer)


Things for Hip Hop seems to be moving in the forward direction of lyricism, showmanship and politically charged concepts. Over the years one artist that kept us on the edge of our seats and fully entertained with his shenanigans was Biz Markie. Now Gossip Viv has announced that she will be associate producing the second installment of her documentaries as they look into some of the best Hop Hop legends and Biz is the focus of round 2 with the documentary,  Nobody Beats The Biz; A Docu-Series Inspired by Fans of Biz Markie. Rakim was the highlight of the first documentary. Keep your eyes on the look out for the film soon and keep looking because she has promised that there will be more documentaries with the likes of Craig Mack, Brand Nubian, Big L, Nice & Smooth and more. Docs like these are long overdue considering Biz Markie is almost at the 30 year pinnacle of his career. Big companies may not buy in to the docs but it’s a blessing to have a team that does and sees the vision of celebrating our Hip Hop veterans as well as moving the culture forward. Check out the 1st and second documentary trailers above.


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