Big Tray Deee Makes an Appearance in New EP “9217” Dropped Off by Corey Cail and Donzelly


Long Beach just dropped off a couple of summer bangers. The project opens up with a legendary intro from Rap OG Big Tray Deee who’s seamlessly navigated the world of hip hop in the LBC for decades. “9217” is a project that offers a little something for everyone, with tracks like “Into You” providing a soulful, rap-infused experience for the romantics, and “Hustla” delivering a tough and bouncy West Coast classic for the streets. “Into You” showcases Donzelly’s ability to seamlessly blend rap and R&B, offering a heartfelt, melodic experience that speaks to matters of the heart. Meanwhile, “Hustla” captures the unapologetic energy of the West Coast rap scene with its infectious beat and hard-hitting verses, serving as a perfect anthem for those navigating the gritty realities of street life.

Tune into “9217” below.


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