Belvedere Vodka & Nigerian Artist Laolu Senbanjo Launches Limited Edition Bottle on New York Fashion Week | @belvederevodka @laolusenbanjo

Last night at the Whitney Museum of Art, press, fashionistas and influencers came together and celebrated New York Fashion Week with the collaboration debut of Belvedere Vodka and Brooklyn-based, Nigerian-born performance and visual artist, Laolu Senbanjo, whose best known for his artwork on skin. His body-painting was featured in Beyoncé’s Grammy Award-winning visual album, Lemonade.

Senbanjo always applies his mantra, “Everything is My Canvas,” to mural designs, fashion partnerships, live art events and installations, and now, he applies it to the new limited-edition Belvedere Vodka bottle.

The first Belvedere bottle features a flowing design with sharp edges that represent the water and rye working together to produce dimension and taste. Subtle skin-sense texture, which reacts to UV lights (pretty cool), is used to bring another sensory component to the bottle. The charcoal coloring and distinct shapes create complex, story-rich designs, which draw heavily from his Yoruba heritage.

The event was overflowing with drinks and Laolu gave a runway show featuring models displaying his fantastic body artwork.

“When Laolu paints a subject, each design is unique to what he believes depicts their inner beauty. This phenomenal message is seamlessly in line with our mission to reveal the unexpected beauty in life,” said Belvedere Vodka president Rodney Williams. “Also as a social advocate and former human rights attorney, Laolu’s philosophies align with our commitment to community and creating positive action in the world; in this case, the program supports the (RED) organization and the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa, a cause we’ve been supporting for 8 years.”

“As an artist I get to share my soul with people around me, my environment and the world and I’m able to channel my experiences like my journey as a human rights attorney and as a Nigerian,” said Laolu Senbanjo. “The Belvedere bottle design came from that inspiration as well as doing a lot of research about what Belvedere is at its core, like the rye and the pristine water. The bottle is an amazing blend of my art and bringing to life what Belvedere stands for – and I get to be a part of giving back to society, which means a lot to me.”

The bottle will support the global fund to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa. Widely available beginning September, the bottle comes in 70cl, 75cl, 1L and 1.75L sizes.e.

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