Bates – “Hold Up, Wait A Minute” | @Bates_STL


After being highlighted as the creator of one of the top 10 songs released by a St. Louis artist in 2017, Midwest lyrical monster Bates sets new standards and reaches new heights as the video for her single “Hold Up, Wait A Minute”, and it soars up to 10k views!

A roaring, artist-directed visual with outstanding production from rising, Chicago producer Muzic Boy, #HUWAM is a show-stopping performance from Bates and Kourtney Nicole; painting a new picture of the femcee different from what fans typically expect from her videos. Filled with truth ridden metaphors, an aggressive cadence, and eloquent wordplay, #HUWAM beckons us all to stop, if just for a minute, to check out the growing feminine, force that is Bates.


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