Barz Nice “What’s Going On” Single


Hip-Hop veteran Barz Nice drops a new single titled “What’s Going On.” The record serves as an intense lyrical sermon regarding harsh realities that encompass a new, tainted world order.

Barz holds no punches to share what is on his mind and exploit sinister acts that quite frankly, have existed for centuries. His intricate and polished wordplay brings to light murders by way of drugs and poison, lynch mobs no longer disguised in robes but suits, honest men being targeted and shot, and of course skewed perceptions spoon-fed from the media.

The soulful cadences blended through heartfelt drums drive Barz pivotal message. Take heed, as of now the survival of the fittest is no longer in the wild, it is right at home in our communities. Stream “What’s Going On” and connect with Barz Nice on Facebook @The Alphabet Alchemist and on Instagram @barred1.


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