B.Dvine Takes It Back To Crate Digging In “We Spin”


Esteemed Hip Hop artist/producer B.Dvine takes it back for vinyl junkies in his new video “We Spin.” The record is taken from his new, self-produced album ‘Louvre Magnate.’ Impeccable arrangements of jazz, soul, and boom bap encompasses B.Dvine’s storytelling.

Audiences will see a young B.Dvine in a local record shop sweeping up floors and ringing up crate diggers, which exemplifies the irony of the premise. He presents a lyrical timeline of his segway into his career and his growth, all while paying homage to Hip Hop vets who paved the way and continue to pave the way. His personal story resonates as does the catchy hook. Watch the official video for “We Spin” and connect below.

Connect with B.Dvine on Instagram & Twitter @bdvine631


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