Austin Haze – “Beef For What”


Goldyard’s Austin Haze returns with another solo release, “Beef For What”, fresh off the heels of his most recent, “Ride Home”. Living the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, Haze links with Justin Padron on the production side, who provides an upbeat, syth-based vibe that rains down positivity from the jump.

“This song is about not holding on to shit that gets you down, stresses you out or makes your life worse” Haze said. “If you know you’re above the bullshit and in your own lane, there’s nobody left to beef with” he went on to say.

We all need a reminder sometimes that there are bigger things out there to focus on. Austin Haze does a good job at letting us know that, while at the same time giving us a feel-good track that we can move to.

Stay tuned for plenty more on the solo front, as the Atlanta artist is only getting started!


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