April Watson Continues to Spread Entrepreneurial Spirit With Versatile Enterprise LLC


Recently Dallas business woman April Watson spoke about her role at Versatile Enteprise LLC where she helps brand and manage artists. Co-managing artists with her business partner Vincent, April Watson works with Leah Givenchy among a roster of artists that also includes OTB Fastlane, Compton Menace and Mobb Squad Nard

Originally from Mississippi, April eventually moved to Dallas where she operates a variety of other businesses ranging from CBD to Football to community development through affordable housing growth.

“I started off as a teacher in Dallas. Then I began working for a couple of districts, but I became an assistant principal. I was a diagnostician where we diagnose or we test for certain types of disabilities like learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism, we test for things and correct reports to diagnose kids with those types of disabilities in the school setting. So I did that for a while, which is how I got into vocational rehab. I was the coordinator of Disability Support Services at a local college, and I learned about vocational rehab. So in 2012, I opened ability solutions, and we’re a full service vocational rehab company,” April Watson said. 

Together both Vincent and April Watson have extensive experience in the music industry. Whether it’s time on radio, connecting artists for features, A&R work, merchandising or placements online, this tandem of music executives has put Versatile Enterprises brand management work at the forefront of the music industry. 

Some of the music videos that they have worked on include OTB Fastane’s My Bussin, Mobsquad Nard “Itz Dat” and Compton Menace’s “Put On” ft. Chris Brown. Most recently they have been putting in work for the viral sensation HD4President with his ons “City of Compton” ft. Compton Menace. 

“I noticed that there are not a lot of people that look like me, to be honest with you, in the music and cannabis worlds. I don’t really feel like I’m at a place where I don’t feel comfortable, you know, like, I don’t have to title myself, you know, as a Black woman in this space, like, these are some of the most open minded people you’ll meet. And if you do good business for people, people deal with you,” April Watson said. 

In addition to providing booking and brand management for the aforementioned artists, April Watson also has her hand in an online media company called Real Lyfe Street Starz where they interview and cover “Real Lyfe” issues and topics amongst the “Street Starz” of Hip-Hop community. 


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