Anastasia – “Big Tuna”


Today Anastasia Hera delivers her new single, “Big Tuna,” a song about being who you are and having pride in your life and identity. The song will find it’s home on her upcoming EP titled, This Is Anastasia.

Produced by Ty On Da Track, her new EP comes full circle bringing to light all the talents and abilities that Anastasia Hera has been showcasing, singing and songwriting behind the scenes for other artists. 

“Big Tuna is about feeling like a big fish in a small pond. It’s about taking up space, making noise, and being unapologetic about who you are. Big Tuna is how it feels to know what’s meant for me, and stepping proudly into my destiny,” Anastasia Hera said. “Anyone who strives for bigger and better will be able to relate to this record. However we move through this life, I believe it’s important to focus on confidence rather than competition. I think that comes through in the spirit of the song; in the lyrics, the delivery, and definitely the beat.”

Starting music at an early age as just a listener, Anastasia Hera would write out the lyrics to her favorite songs. When asked how she started making music she said she found her voice writing music for other artists as many singers and songwriters have done in the past. 

“I spent a few years writing songs for other artists, and eventually found my own voice. Once I decided what I wanted to say in my art, I started working on how to deliver it: clever lyrics, interesting cadences, catchy melodies, rich harmonies. But everything began with studying the craft,” she explained. 

Gearing up for the Summer, Anastasia Hera has been focused on developing new fans and capturing the live performances with her band. 

I’m looking forward to pushing my new EP, “This is Anastasia,” and earning some new fans. I really believe in this body of work, and I truly believe I can touch anyone with these songs. So I’m determined to present the songs to my fans in new and interesting ways. I’m putting my energy into filming groundbreaking visuals, capturing live performances with my band, and packaging this amazing work in innovative ways,” she added. SPOTIFYAPPLE


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