Akeishein – F E E L S (Vibe 1) (Video) – | @Akeishein


Multi-talented singer and rapper Akeishein is back with a summertime anthem perfect for lovers and romantics alike.

The St. Louis native’s latest song – appropriately titled “F E E L S” – is a musical tale of modern love and what it’s like when you’re enchanted and all in your feelings for another person.

Set over a smooth and bouncy beat, Akeishein instantly delivers a warm and comfortable ambiance perfect for the song’s message on the endearing chorus, before showcasing her lyrical dexterity and depth on the verses.

The song has such a universal appeal and possible interpretations that Akeishein actually filmed two music videos, each taking a deep look at the different ways a person can catch F E E L S for someone.

You can watch the new visuals below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StMtIK6cXzo]


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