8PETOWN – Welcome to 8PETOWN


Recently 8PETOWN label owners Adrian (@8PECEO) and Kyle (@SauceyKy_) spoke about their growth as a record label coming out of the Inland Empire.

Getting their start in high school throwing viral parties at overflowing functions, the group eventually started booking actual concerts and managing talent.

“Yea we began to throw house parties that went a lot more viral than expected which helped us grow a fan base. After high school we began to throw legit concerts,” Adrian said.

“Went from doing house parties to concerts straight into management,” Kyle added.

Hoping to grow beyond just house parties and looking to legitimize their hustle, the duo officially merged and began promoting concerts under the 8K name.

Finding their way booking shows with 03 Greedo, Blueface and Roddy Ricch before they broke big nationally, Adrian and Kyle built a massive following using both word of mouth and TikTok where they still maintain a presence today.

“Our first show was 03 Greedo where I was able to book him just by hitting him in the dm. It was his last show in the IE before he went back to jail,” Adrian said. “Off that we found an upcoming artist nobody knew of at the time named Blueface. We were able to book him for $400 at the time and have a great show. One of our last shows before we started managing our label was Roddy Ricch. It was before he blew how he is now. From there I noticed I was finding artists early so I got the idea to blow up artists myself.”

Branching off from concerts this business savvy duo eventually expanded to an all out record label where they have been responsible for nearly a dozen viral hits on TikTok.

Taking off regionally and expanding beyond the scorching hot streets of the I.E., 8PETOWN found its way on to Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts with the single,”Lets Link” by Who Heem.

“My partner and I are 22 running a whole label and we created our own sound. We were able to accomplish so much in 2 years,” Adrian proclaimed. “We just dropped our Welcome to 8PETOWN project featuring all of our artists including one fo the fastest rising, newest up and coming artists, Remble.”

Some of their other hit songs include: KingMostWanted “In My City,” “Different Vareties,” “High Power,” and “Choosin Szn.” MCM Raymond “Everyweek,” “Everyweek Remix” Ft Lil Tecca and “Neighborhood Hoochie,” GIRLZLUHDEV “Tooka” and “Day 1 Starter” Ft Remble, DMB Gotti “Peter Piper,” Trill Ryan “She Gon Go.”

”At a young age I was introduced to music from my dad. He was chasing his dreams to be a rapper as I was growing up. My dad liked all music so he would show me everything which allowed me to grow an ear for everything. A lot of his friends were big engineers and people in the music industry so it kept me in the loop of how the music industry was changing,” Adrian said. “I feel like we are one of the most hated and underrated in the Inland Empire. It’s very rare you see an artist come out of the I.E. however we changing the game where it’s starting to be a thing”


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