7 Songs in 7 Days – Austin’s J Souja is in “Rare Form” – #SOULJASZN


J Soulja is switching hats this week, taking a break from his role as Austin’s hip hop connection curator to bless us with 7 songs, in 7 days. Amongst these new releases is “Rare Form” and this Xavi Beats-produced gem received the visual treatment. Without a doubt, DonnDiamondFilms‘ film noire direction complements the minimalist drum and piano track perfectly.

A media favorite, J Soulja is best known for his involvement in Austin’s once-thriving live music scene. His SXSW events are evidence of his great love for and deep knowledge of his city. He also recently added a bi-weekly subsidiary of his quarterly concert series, Smoke Out – an open mic event he calls Pre-Roll.

Because he is so integral to Austin’s music community, new music from J Soulja is always cause to celebrate. That being said, the culmination of his 7 songs in 7 days #SouljaSzn campaign will be the drop of his latest album, “More Than Nothing” releasing October 6th. Hit the socials below and go cop that when it drops.




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