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Deascent – “Heard Em Say” | @deascent

Deascent takes a crack at the classic Kanye West beat with some assistance from Flow Vision Media on the visual end. @deascent Follow Shamika Sykes on Twitter and tune in to the bi-weekly Steelohim...

Deascent – “.Human” | @Deascent

The Bronx's Deascent brings visuals for his Hip Hop spin on Rag 'nBone Man's alternative smash "Human". @Deascent Follow Shamika Sykes on Twitter!

Deascent – “JetBlue To Jamaica” | @Deascent

"JetBlue To Jamaica" is a freestyle Bronx rapper Deascent created during his short vacation in the beautiful island of Jamaica. In this track, he flows bars over Rick Ross' "Santorini Greece" beat. @Deascent Follow...

Deascent – “Compare/Contrast” | @Deascent

Deascent is a Hip Hop artist from the mecca hip hop itself, the South Bronx. He is a definite product of his environment...at least musically. His music is a balanced blend of...

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